The Romantic Explorers Directory is the 1st community-based couple directory where couples can find and share recommendations for romantic accommodations, restaurants, activities and more around them at any time using their mobile or other electronic devices.

If you are a someone that takes good photos, enjoys writing and can keep our community informed of wonderful romantic gems around the world,  you can gain exposure by adding listings to this directory.

We understand that as a writer, photographer, blogger or Instagrammer you might want to:

♥  Get featured on sites to build up your portfolio,

♥  Get more quality links back to your own project,

♥  Gain exposure & followers

The Romantic Explorers Community and Romantic Travel Directory is designed to support you in doing that.

There are many ways in which you can benefit from being a part of this couple directory:

~ Get credited reposts for your romantic recommendations in the RomanticExplorers Instagram profile
Have a good photo of a romantic place or activity you can recommend anywhere in the world? #RomanticExlorers or tag us @RomanticExplorers for a credited repost and gain added exposure for your own Instagram account.

~  Get a quality link back when you Add a FREE listing
By creating a free listing/review of a business and showing them some love, you can choose to link back to any ONE of your social media profiles or your related website.  It helps to add more listings so you can include a different link in each listing you contribute.

A listing is like a short guest post – being short, it’s an easy and effective way to get a quality link back to your website or blog without having to compete with many other links as would be the case with other typical guest posts.

~ Set your sights on becoming a Recognised Romantic Explorers Expert
If you submit over 100 listings (10 a month for 10 months) –  you will get a badge to display on your blog/website, get featured on our website as a Romantic Explorers Expert in the area/s you prefer to write about and be able to say in your portfolio or resume that you’ve achieved this honour. In supporting us, we can support you in reaching your goals.

~ Consider becoming a Romantic Explorers Affiliate
If you become a regular contributor and we feel we’d love to work with you, you can apply to become an affiliate.

~ Advance to becoming a Recognised Romantic Explorers Ambassador
This will entitle you to represent Romantic Explorers wherever you might find yourself and allow you to state in your portfolio that your own reach includes our number of followers too.

What do others say:
~ It will be huge once it’s going, I’m super excited to contribute and help make a difference in the world by doing so. I’ve been a romantic explorer from the start when the Facebook group was just created and have seen it develop into so much more. Let’s face it – too much romance is never enough! What can be better than visiting places you love with the ones you love, sharing amazing experiences together. Even if the intention is there, the imagination and ideas don’t always spring to mind. Having a directory would be priceless – a place to discover and inspire! ~ Emma from Brisbane

Please note: Terms and Conditions apply to these ranks.

We want to reward you for your efforts in helping us achieve our own goals.
Here’s our list of goals and how you can help us reach them.

♥  Goal 1: Grow the Romantic Explorers community
Invite your friends to the Facebook or Instagram communities or show them how fun it is to create their own listings on the directory.

♥  Goal 2: Make this the most thorough and best directory for couples who love to explore locally and globally
     You can help do this by adding quality listings that is written well and has at least one good photo.

♥  Goal 3: Gain exposure to build more awareness
     Share your own listings  everywhere you can and spread the word about the directory.

♥  Goal 4: Help us support businesses that makes an effort for couples and encourage those who aren’t to do so
Tell them about the directory (they will love you for writing a review for them) and encourage them to upgrade their listing for only US $99 per year
so that we can help them advertise their business even better.

Where to start? First thing is first – click here to read how to add your first romantic travel recommendation to the directory.