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The Romantic Explorers Directory is the 1st community-based couple directory where couples can find and share recommendations for romantic accommodations, restaurants, activities and more around them at any time using their mobile or other electronic devices.

If you are a romantic that loves writing or a blogger that would love to contribute romantic travel gems to this directory, read this:

The benefits of getting involved and contributing to the romantic travel directory:

~ Make a difference to the greater good of spreading love around the world and also supporting small businesses that want to do the same.
~ Build up your writing experience and portfolio. 
~ Get more quality links back. Every romantic gem you add to the romantic travel directory includes one link back to either a social media account that you want to promote or your own blog.
~ Gain exposure and followers for your own account.

We understand that as a travel blogger, you need to:

♥  Get more quality links back,

♥  Get featured on sites to build up your portfolio,

♥  Gain exposure & followers

The Romantic Explorers Community and Romantic Travel Directory is designed to support you in doing that.

There are many ways in which you can benefit from being a part of this couple directory:

~ Get credited reposts for your romantic recommendations in the RomanticExplorers Instagram profile
Have a good photo of a romantic place or activity you can recommend anywhere in the world? #RomanticExlorers or tag us @RomanticExplorers for a credited repost and gain added exposure for your own Instagram account.

~  Get a quality link back when you Add a listing
You can choose any one of the following: A link back to your website, Instagram profile, Facebook page or 1 other social media channel.  It helps to add more listings so you can include a different link in each listing you contribute.

A listing is like a short guest post – being short, it’s an easy and effective way to get a quality link back to your website or blog.

~ Consider becoming a Romantic Explorers Affiliate
If you become a regular contributor, you can apply to become an affiliate.  Contact us for more information.

~ Set your sights on becoming a Recognised Romantic Explorers Expert
If you submit 2 or more listings per month –  you will get a badge to display on your blog (if you don’t have a blog you can get an extended Romantic Explorers Expert page to send anyone to that you are hoping to collaborate with), get featured on our website as an Expert in the area/s you prefer to write about, be able to say in your portfolio that you’ve been “Featured on…” and that your reach includes our number of followers too. In supporting us, we can support you in reaching your goals.

By being a part of representing our initiative, you stand a chance to get invites to related experiences and more mutually rewarding opportunities.

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